I got-ah flat!

So my exciting news for today is that I found a place to live! It was only the second place I viewed, but it had everything I wanted and the live-in landlord is awesome so after some thought over a yummy Jack cheese burger from the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I cancelled my viewings for today and snatched that shit up before someone else did! It’s a grand relief for me. I had buried myself in online flat ads the last two evenings before and ended up going to bed too late. It’s funny too because yesterday morning I asked the hotel to extend my stay until September 1st as it seemed most flats were available starting then, but I’m moving into this one on Monday! I had to ask for a refund from August 27-31 from the hotel this morning, it was awkward but went fine. I was a bit apprehensive about choosing something so early in my search, but then I remembered that my gut decisions in the past have always been my best ones.

If you want to Google map it, it’s on the Isle of Dogs (ha!) in east London right beside Sir John McDougall Park. It’s the perfect location (it’s actually on the opposite side of London from where i had been searching in Hammersmith). Right beside the river, lots of parks in the area, and not too far from downtown so the transit pass is cheaper. The Tube station is a 5-10 minute walk away, grocery stores nearby, and it’s a more modern area than I’ve seen elsewhere, sort of reminds me of False Creek. I have seen like no apartment buildings here, all townhouses, but this is an apartment building with a great water view from the 13th floor! And I got along really well with the guy who owns it, Charlie, a lifelong Londoner. He’s 30 years old, teaches at a secondary school for ‘the naughty kids’ and also works for a football club. He actually reminds me a bit of my friend Peter ;). I can totally see us being friends.

The room is quite big and the bed is big and elevated! You have to climb a ladder! I love it. You can sit in a chair underneath it lol. Anyways, as I said, moving in on Monday!

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